Is It Just Me, Or Does Ashley Judd Look Totally Wrecked Lately?


You guys know I can’t stand her.  So generally whenever I see a photo of her I can instantaneously identify like 38 ugly things about her, even if she is totally fixed up by stylists and make up, etc.  This photo is a still from the movie Crossing Over, in which she plays an immigration atty and Ray Liotta’s wife.  Apparently it’s a movie desperately intent on re-creating the look/feel of Crash, which is a strike against it anyway because Crash was utterly awesome and in a class by itself.  I think Crossing Over is set to release sometime this summer, even though it was filmed a good year ago.

In any case, she looks old and tired and in need of a hairbrush.  I like to imagine that she is, in this photo, asking Ray Liotta why he doesn’t want to sleep with her, and he is about to tell her, “Look <insert character name here> – you’ve really let yourself go.  As you can see, I can’t even look into your face without wanting to recoil in horror.  Here’s a comb.”

I’m going to have to see the movie just to confirm whether or not my hunch is right about the dialogue in this scene.

P.S.  Hate.

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  • angry_broad

    Looks like her ugly-on-the-inside has finally made its way to the outside.