Don’t Forget Rule 91, Wesley. Don’t Ever Forget.

This is one of Ashley Judd’s early “big breaks” into acting. And interestingly enough, her performance in this clip of Star Trek: The Next Generation, shows that her acting prowess then is about as good as it is now. Which is to say not good. Watch up to about the 55 second mark, and then you can stop, unless you become as intrigued by the episode as I did, in which case you’ll be scouring the web trying to find out how to purchase one of these wacked out headsets.

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  • rulsgrl

    Thats from the episode where everyone wears those headphones and has a rockin good time from wearing them….and we are supposed to believe that a teen age boy DOESNT want to wear them…….now that is acting! and yes, I want to know where I can buy one!