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Another Snapshot of My Life

Oddly enough, my husband too, wears t-shirts with naked pictures of me on them.  So weird!

Sherri Shepherd Could Be the Dumbest Person Alive

You know that giant, fat, stupid woman on the View?  Not Joy Behar.  The other one.  The one pictured above.  Today, she confessed that at 41 years old, she has never in her entire life exercised her right to vote.  And do you want to know the reason?

It’s because she just “never knew the dates or anything”.  I’m not making this up, people.  Our culture is allowing this kind of idiot not only to be broadcast on television every single day, but presumably she makes a handsome salary doing it. 

Sherri Shepherd probably thinks that Super Tuesday is when Burger King runs their Whopper specials.


Seriously. Please try and imagine the look of distain on my face while watching this.
I know she is trying to be funny. But really, honestly, she isn’t. She comes across as a total jerk. I give this marriage 2 1/2 years tops. I seriously feel sorry for her husband. She just told America that she “lords” over him.
Also, I’m so tired of her pretending that she could care less about the movies she is in. You are an ACTOR. You ACT. That’s all you can do. I could keep going, but I’m not going to. And I will say that I really truly tried to like her this week. I saw pictures of her and “Joshua” moving into their new house…and they did it themselves without hiring a mover. I thought “wow…ok, I’ll give her that.” But now after watching this clip, I realize that they moved themselves because A) she is a control-freak, and B) I doubt she has any friends who would volunteer to help. grrr

Wow. This is Unfortunate.


Have you ever seen a daughter look more like her mother than Bette Midler’s daughter? Holy crap.

Another One Drinks the Water

Gwen Stefani is pregnant again.  Because it’s all the rage.

Britney Meltdown Version 1.5

Britney had a big blow out with her creepy friend Sam last night, which caused her to get out of her car and cry hysterically in front of her best friends the paparazzi.  Conveniently.  She couldn’t just have a fight with someone inside for once.  Anyway, she called her on again off again creep, Adnan, to come to her rescue and he came and drove off with her at 100 mph.  And then they did some grocery shopping.

Supposedly Britney’s folks are at her house, which is shocking considering she’s not on speaking terms with either of them.


Adrian Grenier Would Like For You To Study His Package


Oh look!  It’s Adrian Grenier, and he’s free and he’s out there and he’s lovin’ every minute of it!  It seems like this has become quite a habit.

Warning: Scientology Rant

First, let’s start with a little scientology spoof. LOVE the video above. So great.

But I saw today that a recruiting/marketing video from the Scientologist wackjobs was leaked on the web. And this isn’t just a Tom Cruise not-meant-to-be-seen-by-the-general-public video, it’s an honest to goodness, here’s-why-you-should-be-a-scientologist video. And I’m here to tell you – it’s creepier than Adnan Ghalib. Here’s an excerpt:

“Right this instant, you are at the threshold of your next trillion years. You will live it in shivering, agonized darkness, or you will live it triumphantly in the light. The choice is yours, not ours.

If you, this minute, say, “I will, for better or for worse, go on in Scientology,” you will open the door to your own future. If you say otherwise, you slam tomorrow shut in your own face. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it really is. We are here to help you on the trail that leads up. If you fall off, we’ll try to help put you back on. But it is up to you. It is how you use it that counts. For you are the one that counts.

If you leave this room after seeing this film, and walk out, and never mention Scientology again, you are perfectly free to do so. It would be stupid, but you could do it. You can also dive off a bridge and blow your brains out, that is your choice. But if you don’t walk out that way, if you continue with Scientology, we will be very happy with you, and you will be very happy with you. You will have proven you are a friend of yours.”

Seriously. This video is serious. It seriously says that if you don’t mention Scientology after seeing the video, you’re stupid, and it’s the equivalent of blowing your brains out. (I am exempt, of course, because here I am mentioning it to you).

Anyway, I saw another article that mentioned that the bigwigs at Scientology headquarters are all happy because the number of searches in google and other search engines is way up ever since the Tom Cruise video leak. They genuinely believe that people are looking it up out of interest, and seem to be painfully unaware that people are looking it up to MOCK THEM.

I am more than creeped out by this whole religion. Look at this Leah Remini email and tell me that this “religion” isn’t totally wack. Apparently, in order to move up the Scientology ranks, one of the requirements is that you have to memorize more and more acronyms.

Brad And Angelina Would Like You To Know How In Love They Are


Being sickeningly gorgeous and gag-aliciously affectionate with one another are Angelina Jolie and man-mate Brad Pitt at the SAG awards.  She’s wearing a tent, which you can’t really see in this photo because I chose to sicken you with their undying love for each other instead of showing you the dress, but let’s just say this – it did NOTHING to dispel the pregnant-with-twins rumor.

The French Have Terrible Taste in Music


According to this website, Britney Spears’ album Blackout has won the International Album of the Year at the NRJ Awards, which is apparently the French version of the Grammys.

Which is just one more reason to dislike the French.

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