Reason #2,345,678,987 to Hate Celebrities in General


Jessica Alba went on the Tyra Banks show and got SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of baby gifts.  Tyra basically threw her a shower right there on the show.   You know who could really benefit from six thousand dollars worth of baby gear?  About six hundred everyday average pregnant people who don’t already make a billion skillion dollars a year.  

I’ve never understood this phenomenon.  Why do super rich celebrities get gift baskets for attending award shows?  Why do they get free meals in fancy restaurants?  How come all their clothes are free?  They are the people who should be paying extra for all that crap.


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  • Anonymous

    I agree. Hopefully she will donate the gifts to a charity or women’s shelter. As for Tyra, could she kiss ass to the stars any more??? Hey Jenn!