Bon Voyage to Me!

See that ship?  I’m going to be on it tomorrow.  Which means I won’t be able to mock to the extent to which you have all grown accustomed for the next 5 days.  But Holmes and Dame and Bunny have promised to keep you all entertained in my absence.

Now, I’m totally obsessive, which means I won’t be able to resist paying whatever astronomical charge the ship will have for internet access to see what all of the wacky celebrities are up to.  And, if I’m so inclined, I might opt to mock them.  But I’m not making any promises.

You’ll have to carry on without me.  All 15 of you.   

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  • justforlaughs

    umm 16 of us!

  • NC Girl

    How will we survive?! Hope you have an awesome time!

  • Pris

    Bon Voyage indeed….

    ….but careful mockin’ too many people or they might try throwing you overboard!