Half-Ton Woman

So this lady is dead now.  12 days after she had gastric bypass surgery.  And when interviewed, her daughter said she couldn’t understand how her mom could eat 8 hamburgers.  And considering that this woman was BEDRIDDEN, I’m not sure how she could either, unless someone brought them to her. 

So here’s an easy way to help your loved ones avoid getting even fatter once they reach the point that they’re bedridden.  STOP BRINGING THEM HAMBURGERS.

Consider this a mockdock publice service announcement.  You’re welcome.

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  • http://HalfTonMom Micaela DeMars

    Was she the HEAVIEST WOMEN IN AMERICa??????????? I Watched the show tonight and it was amzing that she died that hurrts to loose someone that you love so much and you knew your whole life I`m so sorry for the Reese Family Good Luck On your life Girls. I`m 11 years old and I know someone that is also REALLY REALLY FAT. So girls don`t feel bad