Apologies if You’ve Just Eaten


The above picture?  Oh, that’s just Sting licking in between the toes of his wife, Trudie, aboard some yacht.  Which shouldn’t be all that surprising given that their bedroom looks like this:

But which should be a LITTLE surprising because Trudie looks like this:

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  • Bunny

    Ok….has you guys ever seen the movie The Dark Crystal? If so, then you are laughing out loud right now. If not, click on this link:


  • http://www.myspace.com/awwpoop Cynicat

    Oh, I’m laughing, believe me!

  • florian

    omg my eyeballs threw up inside my skull

  • Little Eye

    Blech. No wonder they’re all body shots in the bedroom. And it’s still up in the air whether she’s a woman at all…