I hate Katherine Heigl


Alright, so I know I’m not usually the one who hates celebrities. I leave the majority of that to Mockarena. But, I can sit quietly NO more. I hate Katherine Heigl. At first it was a semi-annoyance that I had for her, and then whenever I heard about something stupid that she said I would grunt in disgust, and now, its just grown inside of me to a loathing of Mockarena :: Ashley Judd proportions.  Speaking of, she reminds me very very much of Ms. Judd. The idiotic things she says, her amazing ability to be hypocritical (see here), and…well, she smokes. And its gross. So, stay tuned. I will be posting a variety of horrible quotes, accompanied by a different photo of Ms. Heigl increasing her chances of lung cancer. Happy New Year.

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  • Huh

    I find this awfully pathetic. You hate a celebrity, and you are going to whine about it? But no you hate more than one celebrity. Okay, and why this is even blog worthy….

  • Mockarena

    Apparently it is not only blogworthy, but worthy of a response TO the blogger. So thank you for chiming in. You might want to rethink your definition of pathetic now.

  • Rocky

    Hate is not a strong enough word for her. I am sick of her pig like face on my TV screen, coffee table, and every where else. When did she become the voice for the people? When did she become an “A” list actor? If she got ran over tomorrow I wouldn’t break stride.

  • Holmes

    Sorry, Holmes is late, just got out of rehab… wow…so…

    “huh” is it? Nice to meet you. I am Holmes.. I am a bastard. I think self-righteous turd-grubbers that make basicly anonymous comments on a random blogs are truly the gilded offspring of Siddhartha himself. It seems that your true gift to society, a society in need of your presence, comes wrapped tightly in a package of glittery absentia.

    I can picture you know… at home, sitting in a pair of fleece pajama bottoms that you made because you saw the cute bunny fleece at Jo-Ann fabric and “had to have it” …bathed in the blue light of your 19″ monitor at 12:00 midnight…hoping that SexyDirtyCowboy75 gets online tonight and invites you to a private chatroom (maybe you should take a moment and try to e-hookup with SexyDirtyCowboys 1-74…just a thought… anyway as your kitten curls its tail around your leg and faded, oversized shirt from a company picnic back in 1997 feels the pressure from your erect nipples, you focus in on that poor (Insert celebrity name here… in this case Hieglchick69).

    Your indignance grows as you read words that truly hit your core being. How dare someone not love the irascible, ever-loverly generic celebrity. It is only through never leaving your house, eating cold delivery food and only knowing the names of people if they are followed by a number and a dot-something that one can truly profess one’s admiration – nay, LOVE – of a true pioneering woman, using her brain to change the way young girls think of themselves and the way lonely, internet-obsessed, celebrity crazed house marms position their own existence in this putrid, hate infested world that we live in.

    I understand. He didn’t ask you to your 8th grade dance. He made you lonely. He took Sheila Thurston. So what if she was a cheerleader who was willing to do anal in high school. You were the best damn 2nd chair flutist there. He made you a fleece-trapped, kitten-arousing, cyber cop who prowls the night away listening to Shania Twain downloads and sending “Girl Power” vibes to all the true, altruistic souls of Hollywood.

    And to that, Holmes applauds you my friend. Be vigilant. Be daring. Be less cat smelly.
    Much love…absurdly yours,

  • Dame Aufschneider

    I played the flute.

  • Anti-Heigl

    right on for having this!! i hate this b**ch with a passion. i do have to say, i am a pretty hateful person & she is almost to the top of my list. back to the topic…let her dumb a** smoke, that will keep her mouth occupied & she won’t be able to say stupid sh** anymore!!

  • i love katherine heigl

    pleaz just keep ur comments to urself u guys r just jealous the person who posted this sucks and i hope he or she goes to hell