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Ashley Judd Only Likes Starving Children

Today’s lesson:  How to insult millions of women simultaneously and in the next breath, cover your ass about it in case you change your mind.

Instructor:  Ashley Judd

When citing the number of starving children in third world countries, Ashley had this to say:  “I find it unconscionable to breed.  I know it’s a very strong opinion with which a lot of people won’t agree, and that’s not to say someday I might not feel a different impulse, but I’ve felt that way since college.”

Thanks Ashley – for essentially calling all women who’ve chosen to have children of their own unprincipled simpletons.  And way to show conviction by making a huge blanket statement and then reserving the right to flip flop.  You should be spayed at once.


The Foot Has Aged

I feel kinda bad for saying this, but Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a hag.  I’m unfamiliar with all the high tech movie magic that is used in filmmaking these days, but I’m thinking that they’re going to need to use 12 extra doses of it in order to make her look like like she even remotely belongs in the upcoming Sex and The City movie.

Who am I kidding.  I don’t feel bad for saying any of this.

People…..People Who Flash People….

Wow.  This is more of Barbra Streisand than I ever needed to see.  How is it that she thought to put a beret on but couldn’t remember a fundamental undergarment? Gross.

Renee Zellweger is Not Pretty

Snooty McLemonSucker is not looking good these days.  Aside from her pasty shiny puffiness, she now is sporting the Worst. Haircut. Ever.   It’s like her hairdresser stopped midway through the cut after deciding that it was hopeless.

Yet Another Reason to Love Robbie Williams

Robbie said, about his first meeting with Courtney Love, “I met Courtney Love and she said she’d like to sleep with me, but couldn’t because of my pop star thing. So I said I couldn’t sleep with her either because of the ugly thing.”

Oooooooooooooo – SNAP!


Umm…yeah….so I found this on today…

 Kinda disturbing, isn’t it?

Well, maybe he just became a regular at a new kind of bar.

Halle Berry Has a Nice Pair

I’m just going to come right out and say it.  They’re exquisite.  They’re perfectly round, perfectly proportioned….they just beckon to be handled.  The way this particular dress highlights them is sublime.  Some people might suggest that they’re fake…but I think they’re the real deal.  Platinum all the way, baby.  No way those earrings are sterling silver.

Weirdest. Couple. Ever.

I don’t understand why Cheri Oteri and Jessica Simpson are in the same room together, let alone posing like sorority sisters. 

The Mother of all Mullets

Gators tote bag?  Cell phone sideclipped to jeans? “T-Bone” tattoo? Face paint?  Total turn ons.  But words can’t adequately describe the height of my arousal at the sight of this masterpiece of a mullet.  Someone start me a cold shower.

Britney – The Drama Continues

So TMZ reports that today Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are face to face, together, in the same room, for their first court mandated co-parenting class.  TMZ also reports that within the first few moments of this encounter, Britney ran straight to the bathroom in tears.

We’re still waiting on word about what set Britney off – it was either the pressure of being near her ex and having to get parenting advice from court-appointed strangers, or they ran out of snacks.


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