Finally…someone agrees with me!

I have been saying for awhile that Benicio Del Toro looks like a Werewolf. Finally, I have found someone that agrees. And now I know you do too…thanks!  If you don’t know who this is, he is the guy in the new movie with Haley Berry…I’ve heard she has a nice pair…

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  • Pris

    Well, you were right.

    And since I like wolves AND good actors, I guess I can continue to like Del Toro even knowing what he really is.

    Yo! Werewolves are people too!!! (or at least half)

  • Holmes

    I agree. I like cocaine and overly-aggressive midgets… so I will continue loving the Poppin Fresh guy.

    Baked goods are also people… that we eat!

  • Cynicat

    I don’t agree…I think he looks more like a wookie than a werewolf. I bet he uses Nair.