Reason #56,472 to Hate Ashley Judd

First and foremost, let me just express my delight at the flabbiness of her upper arm.

Now then. Today’s reason to hate Ashley is because of her pretentious way of speaking. In addition to trying to use the largest words possible about even the most ordinary things, please note the trend in the following three quotes of hers:

1. “I’m very proud of the movies of which I’ve been a part.”
2. “College taught me to trust that I had a certain innate intellect, with which I could do a lot.”
3. “I couldn’t believe that all of those songs with which I was familiar were written by him.”

Could someone please hand me a knife, with which I could slit my wrists? Seriously. Would it really KILL her to drop a preposition at the end of a sentence once in awhile? HATE.

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  • Dame Aufschneider

    Could she have a more innate sense of fashion? With which she could look more like a gardener who’s pretending to be a superhero (with grandma arms)?

  • chris

    Could it be possible that Ashley Judd is a distant relative of YODA?

  • Anonymous

    If you put feathers on those backarms and get her to wave at you, she’d probably go airborn.

    …and please stop speaking in iambic pentameter. That’s “Yoda” for you high school dropouts, or sitting presidents.

  • angry_broad

    With that dress, she was probably trying for an “accidental” nip-slip.