Pamela Anderson’s Makeup Has SuperPowers


I have never seen a woman who looks more drastically different without makeup than Pamela Anderson.   I don’t know what sort of magical makeup she uses, but I can think of several hideous people I would like her to loan it to. 

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  • Holmes

    Don’t knock her… I am the same way.. .without my makeup on… I have hep-C and look like a frothing dwarf stabbed me in the face with a sharpened manatee clavicle

  • Cynicat

    hahaha wtf?

  • Jeff Nolan

    This chick is so washed up. I saw a Home Improvement episode with her in it the other day… She used to be so cute.

    Until the “doctors” got their hands on her. That’s what you get, I guess, for hanging around rock stars and sharing tattoo needles with them.

    f u tommy lee

  • Ricky Miah

    Pamela Anderson is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s also warm hearted to people and animals, as well. She’s all around intelligent, with business savvy