Gourds To Make Music and Cover Your Penis

This reminds me of those weird combinations we sometimes see….like laundry and tan, bait shop and pizza carry-out, tunafish and cigarettes, etc.

Musical gourds from Africa and India, such as drums, lutes and sitars have beautiful, polished finishes decorated with beads and carved designs.


But of all the uses for gourds, some of the most interesting are the “penis sheath gourds” worn by men of New Guinea. Penis gourds are also known from Africa and northern South America. There is considerable speculation among anthropologists about the purpose of such gourds, but most agree that they are more than a protective device and serve an important social function.


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  • Holmes

    I was arrested last weekend for wearing one of the “ceremonial penis gourds” in public ………….if by “ceremonial penis gourd,” I mean black ski mask only and braided pubes…….. and by “in public,” I mean at a convent for ailing nuns… …oh well, we can’t all be the last boy scout.

  • Zachary

    Question: What happens when one gets an erection in one of these? Does either party break?