Camels, Toes, and TronMan


There are so many disturbing things about this photo I am at a loss for words.

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  • Holmes

    It appears that this gentleman wears his Tron (jeff bridges) outfit when he is stealing green peppers from his local grocer’s produce department.

  • Bunny

    I invite someone, anyone, to respond with information on how I can purchase a unitard like this. I don’t need the neon wiring or Stormtrooper detailing – just the plain unitard. I’m especially anxious to know what the establishment that sells said unitard calls itself, as well as what their full product offering is, as well as what sizes are available, as well as how I can be added to their mailing list.

    As for the gentleman modeling in this photo, I can summarize my thoughts with a quote from Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen:

    “Tonight….on…..To Catch a Predator….”

  • Anonymous

    I believe that you will find many images of me and my friends at LYCRAMAN.COM!!!!!!! Nothing screams a good time like nut-hugging in the great outdoors!