Recently, Bunny and I were strolling through a local department store, when we walked past the women’s lingerie department. Now, neither one of us were comfortable “browsing” this area, so we hurried passed. But low and behold, we look over to a picture hanging on the wall.  Immediately we burst into laughter – well, because we both  have the sense of humor of a 4th grade girl. You can see the portrait above.

First, let me set the stage for you. This shopping “mall” is a bit…well, ghetto. For example, in the place of a trendy “teen wear” store, we instead had been browsing an ethnic home goods store, full of Native American statues and golden swords embellished with the Great American White Wolf. 

Now that you have a feel for the situation, I would like to think about the person who picked out the above image. There was once a person hired to decorate said department store. He/She had picked out several scenic portraits for the shoe department, a few masculine-type pictures featuring the back of a golfer for the men’s wear department, etc. Then came time to assess the lingerie department. He/She searched high and low for just the right picture. It had to be calming, yet sophisticated. After, I’m sure, WEEKS of searching, the department store art buyer came across this painting we see above.

I leave it to your comments to assess his/her decision. Meanwhile, I will continue giggling.

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  • Holmes

    This picture begets some of my earliest memories of home… a time of warmth and caring.. .a time when things were simpler… a time when my highs were free and delivered via the pipeline… I miss my mom… god rest her soul.

  • Mockarena

    Whoever decided on that picture for the lingerie department is either completely oblivious or has the Best. Sense of Humor. Ever. And if that’s the case, I hope they see this website so that they will know I want to be their new best friend. 🙂