Human Mushroom


We’ve all had bad hair days…but that’s usually because of circumstances beyond our control, such as humidity, oversleeping, ran out of styling gel…..However, in the case of this woman, the circumstances – or shall I say curling iron – were in her control.  She looked in the mirror and said to herself, “Self, I am going to curl your hair into the shape of a perfect mushroom today.”  Hence the masterpiece you see before you.  The best part is the expression on her face…she’s thinking, “Where can I find a nice, damp, rotting tree trunk to sit on?”

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  • Holmes

    This woman is a treasure to me… each time we meet, I gently lay her hair on my tongue, lie back on the wet ground and watch the clouds turn to army battalions of swiss cheese fighting for their right to paaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrty!

  • Gabone