Before We Were Famous: 5

Three separate examples of hilarity: conversations between Mockarena and Bunny:

IM Conversation between Bunny and Mockarena – in which protective film is discussed.

Bunny: do you know what drives me crazy about Mr. Bunny?
Mockarena: what
Bunny: he never removes the protective film from things. like cell phone screens or monitors or washer controls. that’s the funnest part of getting new gadgets – removing the protective film. and he won’t do it.
Bunny: i have his phone and totally want to peel off the films
Bunny: but he will be mad so i can’t
Mockarena: he’d actually be mad
Bunny: he would ACT mad
Bunny: don’t you always remove the films?
Mockarena: ALWAYS
Mockarena: like, practically before I’ve even paid for it
Bunny: we should totally have our own seinfeld show
Bunny: this is such seinfeld material
Mockarena: you should blog about it
Mockarena: blog about protective films and your husband’s lack of peelage
Mockarena: it’s the best post idea ever
Bunny: perhaps i shall

IM Conversation between Bunny and Mockarena – in which mom pants and bloating are discussed.

Bunny: i am SO bloated
Mockarena: yeah
Mockarena : me too
Bunny: it is unbearable
Bunny: like, my pants all feel like mom pants
Mockarena: I was JUST thinking that I have a total mom body anymore
Bunny: STFU – you do not!
Mockarena: I’m wearing a total mom outfit today
Mockarena: not OUR mom
Mockarena: but mom in general
Bunny: i will inspect and judge you
Mockarena: ok
Bunny: i’m sure you don’t look mommish
Mockarena: I do
Bunny: I DO today
Mockarena: I will inspect and judge you
Bunny: beige capris and a sailor shirt. TOTAL mom
Mockarena: ME TOO
Mockarena: only not a sailor short
Mockarena: but beige capris
Mockarena: and a CARDIGAN for god’s sake
Bunny: mine are total mom-cut too
Bunny: we sound like a sears catalog
Mockarena: or montgomery ward
Bunny: is that place even open anymore?
Mockarena: no
Bunny: motgomery ward – that’s hilarious
Bunny: yes, we bought our outfits at MG, then headed over to service merchandise for a toaster
Bunny: and Hook’s for some hair color
Bunny: and then GL Perry’s
Mockarena: all in time for the early bird special at MCL
Mockarena: omg GL Perry’s
Mockarena: I completely forgot about that place
Bunny: i just listened to Total Eclipse of the Heart. This station ROCKS

IM Conversation between Bunny and Mockarena – in which pleasantries are exchanged.

Bunny: hello
Mockarena: greetings
Bunny: how are you today
Mockarena: well, thank you. And you?
Bunny: i also am well thank you
Mockarena: Excellent news.
Bunny: have you any grey poupon
Mockarena: I have not. however, I might suggest a cognac for later.
Bunny: very well then. i shall join you, and wear my smoking jacket

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