Before We Were Famous: 3

Yet another IM chain…

IM Conversation between Mockarena and Holmes – in which an assignment is given:

Mockarena: I have given Dame an assignment, and would like you to also participate.
Holmes: okay
Mockarena: Your assignment is: By the end of the day, try to look at the top of (Name deleted to protect the innocent, but let’s just say it’s someone with backwards roots)’s head, and explain the coloring issue there.
Holmes: I will make an attempt
Mockarena: See that you do.
Mockarena : Good day then.
Holmes: and to you
Mockarena (LATER): any progress on the assignment?
Holmes: sorry none
Mockarena : well then. You now have one demerit.
Holmes: Like demerits have ever ruffled my feathers before
Mockarena: Well, these are double secret superbad demerits.
Holmes: those seem like pretty serious demerits… I will take them seriously…
Mockarena: As well you should.

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