This Is How You Have A Purple Rain Celebration Night With Your Sister






Elladog joined in the fun too.  This is when she started singing Purple Rain at the top of her dog lungs. 😉


Um, Is Jessica Simpson Drunk? Or Is This How She Naturally Is?

2016-02-14 13 14 21

First of all, I know, it’s been like a bajillion years since I’ve posted here. I’m sorry, you guys. I don’t know if I could be any busier lately, and The Mock Dock has had to take a backseat to other life priorities.

Not the least of which, by the way, is that my husband and I (and Daisy too!) are currently doing the Whole30 diet, and trying very hard not to #killallthethings. We’re 14 days in, and it’s getting a little easier, but HOT DAMN do I ever want a slice of cheese.

ANYWAY, I saw this recent interview with Jessica Simpson, and found her to be excruciatingly weird in it. Like – is she drunk, do you think? Or is this just her?

I mean, weird right?

Also, watch her face when she performs this duet with Jewel. It’s the weirdest sh*t you’ll see all day.

This Is Spot On, Isn’t It?

2015-11-22 21 13 45

I mean, you can’t do anything anymore without it offending someone.

Someone will now be offended by this cartoon. Guarantee it.


I mean, I have it pretty good at home already, given that I’m usually in a reclining loveseat when I’m doing site stuff or show preparation, but this? I NEED THIS.

This Is How Ashley Judd Talks In Everyday Life.

And this is why I find her so intensely unbearable. In a recent interview for her new movie, Big Stone Gap, she was asked about the difference between life in the 70s and life now. And here’s how she responded:

Life in 2015 is exceedingly complex: the incessant kaleidoscope of ever-increasing visual and auditory stimuli can be crushingly overwhelming for our autonomic nervous system and brains. I believe when things are simpler, we deeply exhale and benefit in physiological ways of which we are not even aware.

Seriously? Why does she insist on saying SO MANY WORDS to say so little?

2015-10-11 19 37 02

Ashley Judd Caught On Camera Wiping Her Armpit. At The White House. FOR REAL.

Ashley Judd went to some film screening at the White House, and apparently only received like 2 seconds notice, because she arrived wearing a ratty t-shirt, with her hair pulled up into a tumbleweed of a bun, and clearly in need of deodorant. How do I know this? Because an alert and astute reader sent me a link to the video, which you can see in its entirety right here.

Now, at the 26.01 minute mark, you’ll see Ashley make her grand entrance into the auditorium, looking like a complete HAG. BEHOLD:

2015-09-18 22 27 10

And then, BEHOLD the moment that Ashley Judd, at the White House, in her nasty dirty t-shirt, uses a paper towel to WIPE DOWN HER ARMPIT as the camera pans to the people in her row. No joke, you guys.

And the grossness doesn’t stop there. Because then there was this.

2015-09-18 21 40 44

If you want to see the video of that picture sequence, it’s at the 31.10 minute mark of this video. I mean, for crying out loud, there’s a TIME AND PLACE to act like a complete slob. I would think the White House is not one of those places, but I’m not an important celebrity like Ashley Judd, so what do I know, right? (And yes, in case you’re wondering, she brought her “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG” with her – you can see her tending to the dog at the 30.10 minute mark of the same video.)

Normal rules of social settings apparently do not apply to Ashley Judd. Who, by the way, also wanted to be a part of the panel (which she was not), so she threw up her hand at the end to ask an exhaustingly long question. BEHOLD.



Remember last week when I told you my plans to redesign my engagement ring/wedding set into a new ring to incorporate the diamond stud earrings that I inherited from my mother in law? If you missed that whole story, click here for context.

Today, I picked up the new ring. And I love it so much it hurts. The focus with the old setting was more on the bands around the solitaire than it was the solitaire itself, which I always liked, but now that the focus is far more on the three stones, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It’s so sparkly that it was hard to get a good photo of it. But here’s the before and after.

2015-08-24 21 30 38

I love it more than words can say.  I loved the old one too, but I ADORE the new setting.  I’m finding myself looking at my hand constantly just like I used to when Mr. Mock first proposed.

And even better is that they were able to take my old engagement ring mounting and throw a blue topaz in there, so I got an extra ring out of the deal.  LOOK!

2015-08-24 21 38 58

I’m feeling super spoiled this evening.  I am just so happy that I was able to use my mom-in-law’s earrings in something that I will wear every single solitary day.  It makes the ring just that much more special.

Anyway, had to share.  Plus, there’s a new picture of Elladog that y’all have to see, because she’s the most beautiful dog in the entire world.

2015-08-24 21 42 25

Isn’t she gorgeous with her janky wonky ear? I love her ear so much.

This Is An Actual Thing.

I love this. I love the cat’s face.

If You’ve Never Watched Kayla’s Story, OMG YOU HAVE TO.


Seriously. Have You Ever Seen A Cuter Dog?

I know. Everyone thinks their dogs are the cutest. But in my case, it’s actually true. 😉

LOOK AT HER, you guys. Look at my sweet Elladog.

2015-08-16 20 46 22


It’s been forever since I’ve posted here, I know. Some things have happened. Chiefly among them, my beloved mother in law passed away a few months ago, unexpectedly, during a totally routine medical procedure. There are these moments still where I just well up out of nowhere, thinking about something she said or did. Tonight, my mom took care of Junior Mock so we could take Mini Mock out to Cheesecake Factory, and Mr. Mock was telling Mini about the first day that I met his parents, and that when they reported back to him later, his mom hugged him and told him they loved me and that I was wonderful.

Totally sweet, but it resulted in one those moments I just described above. Where I well up thinking about her. 🙁

I inherited a few of her most special jewelry pieces, including a pair of diamond studs. Since I already have a pair, and since I wanted to use hers in some special way, I’ve decided, with Mr. Mock’s and his dad’s blessing, to add them to my current wedding set.

I’ve been working with Distinctive Diamonds here in Indy on the design of the new mounting, and this coming Friday, I’m taking in my current wedding set, and my mother in law’s diamonds so that it can all be transformed into the new ring. It’s going to be weird to look at my hand and see something different from what I’ve seen for the past 15 years, but I feel like this is a good way to honor her in a special way.

I have no idea why I’m putting this in a post on TMD, but there it is. 🙂

I’m going to do a before and after! Here’s the before:

2015-08-16 21 02 10

In about a week, there’ll be an after. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 Also you can follow me @mockarena on Instagram for more pics of stuff.

Also, Ashley Judd’s new movie trailer is out. And I literally fell asleep halfway through it. No joke.

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